Bed Bug Pest Control Company – Virginia Beach


We provide a Whole House HEAT Treatment for Bed Bug Removal strategy for your family to safely eliminate bed bugs, lice, eggs, moisture, & odors. Thermal Heat is 100% natural, safe and effective.

Bed Bug Removal Hampton Roads

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you any longer. Instead, depend on BBB Thermal Heat for safe and effective bed bug removal in Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Using an innovative and eco-friendly method, we are able to eliminate your bed bug problem safely. The state-of-the-art whole house heat treatment system we use is the best bed bug extermination process in the industry.

Instead of using toxic chemicals to address your bed bug problems, we use heat. This process targets the insects and treats the entire house by heating it up. We eliminate bed bugs, lice, and eggs by heating the house to 120 degrees and up. Yet the area is safe to touch, and the heat will not damage any contents. With this highly effective bed bug removal system, the bed bugs are targeted at all stages of their life cycle.

Overlooking 1 nesting site can lead to continued infestation. Our Whole House Heat Treatment reaches every nest in the home. Our bed bug pest control company performs an onsite evaluation to determine if bed bugs are infesting your surroundings.

Innovative Bed Bug Removal Service

Handle your bug problem correctly by bringing the heat! Studies have shown that pesticides are not as effective as they once were at killing bed bugs. In fact, these biting insects are becoming resistant to today’s pesticides. A study performed at the University of Massachusetts found that three pesticide treatments are usually required to eliminate the problem. Even then, the bugs can still return.

Our bed bug removal service uses a superior process to eradicate these infestations. It’s a non-chemical and non-toxic approach that kills bed bugs wherever they are— mattresses, wall cavities, and hard-to-reach areas. In fact, we can eradiate the entire bug population in one treatment. We provide this service for residential and commercial customers.

Bed Bug Removal Company Providing Thermal Heat Treatments

Using our whole house thermal heat treatments, we force heat into all areas of your home so that bed bugs have nowhere to hide. The level of heat we use is lethal to these insects, and eliminates them at all stages of their life cycle. By targeting specific areas and raising the room temperatures for a designated time period, we eliminate the problem in an eco-friendly and safe way.