Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs – Why is tHERMAL Heat Superior?

Thermal Heat is the superior solution to eliminate bed bug infestations. Our whole house heat treatment kills bed bugs in every growth stage including eggs. Insectisides do not always kill bed bug eggs. Essentially, our heat treatment can eradicate the entire bed bug population in a single treatment.

The required degree of heat to kill bedbugs and their eggs is achievable with our state of the art equipment. Thermal Heat penetrates cracks and crevices killing bed bugs where they live. Our process forces heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, wall cavities, etc. leaving no place for bed bugs to hide. Adult bed bugs can live & hide up to a year on a single feeding & may be living and breeding out of sight.

100% Organic pest management solution

Thermal Heat kills bed bugs in all stages of life from eggs & larvae to adults in typically 1 Whole House HEAT TREATMENT.  The heat kills bed bugs by denaturing the proteins within their bodies and disrupting the waxy layers on the outside of the bedbug causing death by dehydration.

The target temperature during treatment is between 120-135°F. This safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat to kill bed bugs. Our top of the line equipment is designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs. Our highly effective process is the one of the best in the Industry.

Extreme Heat eradicates Bed Bugs in 1 treatment

Bed Bug Busters is the heat treatment company you can trust for complete bed bug eradication!